Top 10 Reasons

  1. Our cutting-edge PowerPoints® are based on the latest research evidence

  2. We provide rapid turnaround, where possible (certain music and videos may take longer)

  3. We work with you to produce the presentation of your dreams

  4. We will coach you one-on-one to deliver your BEST presentation ever

  5. We provide technical support on-call for EMERGENCIES!

  6. Our uniqueness is providing you with the “WHAT” and “HOW” for a spectacular PowerPoint®

  7. Our POWER DEFIB and COACHING expertise and creativity are second to none

  8. The impact of our media-embedded PowerPoints® is beyond reproach, celebration-wise

  9. We promise rave reviews or we’ll redo your slides for FREE (Platinum package)


  1. We’re a faith-based business with a CEO you can trust (THE BERK STOPS HERE!)


  1. We are highly reliable in meeting deadlines

  2. We’ll answer your questions promptly, usually within 24 hrs.

  3. We provide the assurance of security and privacy in all transactions

  4. We encourage diversity in multimedia choices of music and videos

  5. We will follow-up after your debut