We put the POWER in PowerPoint® with the research-tested POWER-DEFIB™ of


Our team will ensure your PowerPoint® vitals are entertaining, engaging, and exciting. Your audience will find YOU and your presentation both informative AND unforgettable.

No other elements in conventional PowerPoints® can produce those effects. Best of all, there are vials of research evidence collected over the past decade to support those effects (see Articles).

A bullet list on a template slide does not generate memorable moments in PowerPoint® history. The POWER-DEFIB™ will, plus it will not detract from those bullets, if you feel compelled to still use them; it will magnify their impact or the visuals you substitute for them.

We have the HOW to create the WOW!

We promise to give your audience a reason to celebrate. “If you don’t get rave reviews, we’ll redo your slides absolutely free.”