“Priding myself as more techie than most, but not as techie as some, I have nonetheless been oblivious to the powers of PowerPoint beyond the standard death-by-PowerPoint lists and sleeper slides. Give me just a touch of guidance on how the bells and whistles work, and I’m off. Thanks, Ron, for providing me that ‘AHA’-awareness of how to get the most out of this program, especially with visuals and animation techniques. My audiences will thank you as well.” (6/11)

DARRELL W. GURNEY, Founder of CareerGuy.com and Author of Never Apply for a Job Again

“It was very helpful to tap Ron’s extensive experience with PowerPoint for both technical and pedagogical insights. I gained ideas for improvements to consider over the long term as well as some takeaways on slide design, slide blackouts, and content handouts that I can readily implement in my very next presentation. Thanks, Ron!” (6/11)

LAWRENCE LESSER, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences Dept., University of Texas at El Paso