Our 12-Step Process

We can meet your specific needs and budget, whether you are a(an)

  • Individual professional

  • Small business owner

  • Entrepreneur

  • Trainer

  • Leader in a large corporation

If you use your PowerPoint® to sell, report, train, teach, or communicate any message to any audience, we will work with you to transform your slides into the presentation you want.

Here is the process we use:

Phase 1—Client Submission of PPT Information

  1. Submit your PPT slides on Contact page

  2. Pick the package you prefer (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

  3. Provide information on the following:

    1. number, content, and condition (plain, template, template with logo) of your slides

    2. intended use of the presentation

    3. profile of your audience

    4. PPT format (2003, 2007, or 2010)

Phase 2—Review, Meeting, and Proposal

  1. We will do a preliminary review of your submission

  2. We will schedule a meeting to clarify your needs

  3. We will submit a service proposal and estimate for your job

Phase 3—Client Acceptance and Partial Payment

  1. If you accept proposal, you will make a 50% payment

Phase 4—Client Review of PPT and Changes

  1. When job is complete, you will be able to access it on the Contact page to review it

  2. We will discuss any changes until you are satisfied

  3. We submit FINAL PPT with watermark

Phase 5—Final Payment and PPT Deliverable

  1. You make remaining 50% payment

  2. We send FINAL clean PPT to you