We provide traditional, basic PowerPoint® services as well as the POWER-DEFIB according to the latest “evidence-based best practices.” Research drives what we do and why we do it to your slides. We’re your full-service, last-stop shop for your PowerPoint®. Here’s a list of our services and packages:

Service Silver Gold Platinum
Font sizing X X X
Font and slide color scheme X X X
Text layout X X X
Text rewriting and editing X X X
Text restructuring and proofing X X X
Slide sequencing and layout X X X
Graphic enhancement X X X
Image addition X X X
Template selection with your logo X X X
Custom template design with your logo X X
Slide transitions X X
Word and letter animation X X
Graphic animation X X
Custom matched images with music X X
Custom matched video clips (TV, movies, YouTube, etc.) X X
Custom commercial breaks X
Custom engagement inserts X
Custom parody opening (CSI, Star Wars, Mission: Impossible, etc.) X
Custom finale X
Coaching on music and video segues X X
Coaching on custom opening and finale X
Redo slides if no rave reviews X