Our worlds are different, but our missions are the same—to transmit information or skills that attain specific measurable outcomes which require knowledge and understanding as well as retention and transfer.

  1. Teaching is my passion. I absolutely love it. There’s no place I’d rather be than in a classroom with students. I have spent nearly 40 years in the classroom, from children and adolescents to college students, 18 years to infinity, at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

  2. I speak to STUDENTS and TEACHERS. Since retiring from teaching five years ago, I speak (which is really teaching) to STUDENTS on how to reduce stress, time management, and career direction and TEACHERS, K–12 and college faculty, about a variety of teaching methods, especially using humor and multimedia and how to connect with multigenerational students. Music and videos embedded in any PowerPoint® on a “serious” topic have become my trademark. I love to create Broadway-style productions. They have been smash hits at institutions and conferences all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Persian Gulf. See Testimonials on LinkedIn and RonBerk.

  3. I use PowerPoint® as my presentation platform. After presenting one of my 1.5GB keynote productions plus a workshop on music conversions for PowerPoint® to medical faculty and students at a university (with barebones, old technology) in Serbia, I feel confident I can execute PowerPoint® almost anywhere. Animations, music, and video clips worked perfectly for an incredibly receptive and appreciative audience.

  4. I have published several articles on PowerPoint® and teaching the Net Generation and multigenerational students in professional, peer-reviewed journals (see Articles). They deal with techniques for using multimedia (especially, music and videos), how to integrate engagement activities, and a state-of-the-art review of the research on the basic features and multimedia. That means that what I present, teach, and create is “evidence-based best practices,” grounded in research.