POP QUIZ on Delivery

Reading is not an option. You’re on this site because you want an unforgettable presentation.

Are you ready to take a POP QUIZ on your delivery? I know you haven’t had time to study. I’m actually ashamed of myself for pulling this surprise, but I’m sure you’ll do well, maybe. Answer these dozen questions?

Have YOU:

  1. Scheduled a rehearsal in the room you are presenting with a techie to make sure everything (projector, screen, PC, cables, mike, lights, sound system) works properly?

  2. Planned a smashing, tone-setting opening that will grab the attention of your audience?

  3. Selected techniques to connect emotionally with your audience?

  4. Picked specific strategies to engage your audience throughout your presentation, including Q & A?

  5. Created a blueprint for how you will comment (extend, amplify, interpret, probe, question) on each slide?

  6. Practiced saying those comments in your run-throughs?

  7. Prepared segues before and after music and video clips and between topics?

  8. Designed an unforgettable finale that your audience will be talking about as they exit the room?

  9. Inserted humor that fits your style to break down barriers on contentious issues?

  10. Practiced your delivery in sync with your slides so it flows naturally?

  11. Tested the length of your presentation to make sure it fits within the allotted time?

  12. Punctuated the main points of your message for a lasting impact?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, we can help. The point is that YOU need to convey clearly:

YOU are a professional, not only in the content of “WHAT” you present, but also in “HOW” you present it.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran, you should not take chances and “wing it.” You have prepared and calculated every aspect of your presentation so it will be impeccably and seamlessly executed without a hitch. That’s the mark of a professional. Will there be hitches? Sure, but you have taken a pre-emptive strike at those possible hitches to minimize their chances of occurring during your presentation.