“WHAT” and “HOW”

Are your slides ready to present? Do you need help preparing those slides? Review our list of SERVICES. We can work with you to improve your slides.

If your slides have been completed, with or without our services, you’re ready to proceed with the next phase. Once you are satisfied with your slides—WHAT” you’re going to present, you need to prepare your performance—“HOW” it will be delivered. Yes, it’s a live or e-learning performance in front of an audience who values what you are going to present, or else they wouldn’t be there (unless, of course, you made attendance mandatory).

You’re the STAR; your PowerPoint® slides compose the supporting cast to help accentuate your impact.

Let’s shift into “HOW” mode. According to the research, reading slide content verbatim off the screen is the least effective method to communicate a message. It actually decreases learning and retention of information. So, the secret to a totally forgettable presentation is: Read to your audience. As you have seen others do, reading also insults your audience (unless they’re 3 years old) and can induce a coma.