Ronald A. Berk, PhD (aka THE DOCTOR), is Founder and CEO of PowerPoint DOCTOR, but also Professor Emeritus, Biostatistics and Measurement, and former Assistant Dean for Teaching at The Johns Hopkins University. Ron is an award-winning teacher, scholar, researcher, speaker, and author. He is uniquely qualified to create entertaining, engaging, informative, and memorable presentations: He taught inarguably what students perceive as the most hated, traumatizing, difficult, and “boring” subject on earth—STATISTICS!

How do you change that horrific image and teach effectively? His solution 25 years ago was to present it as a Broadway-style production with visuals, music, videos, props, costumes, humor, and live demonstrations. Try to picture groups of students acting out sampling designs and equations to music. Drawing on his theatre background, he first used cassette tapes for music and VHS tapes for videos. Inspired by Broadway productions, such as Mel Brooks’ The Producers and Eric Idle’s Spamalot, he kept adding more elements to his teaching. Then, in 2005, he streamlined these elements by transforming his productions into PowerPoint® 2003 format.

He began a full-time speaking business in 2006 and converted more than 20 “serious” topics into PowerPoint® Broadway-style productions (see The responses to those PowerPoints® presented at institutions and conferences in 42 states and 15 countries (Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Taiwan, UK [Scotland], United Arab Emirates) were phenomenal (see Testimonials on his Web and LinkedIn).

Now he wants to apply what he learned through his teaching and hundreds of keynotes/workshops to help YOU. This is YOUR time to alter the course of your PowerPoints® forever. Ron wants you to be a “history changer” in your business and training.

Ron’s own research on music and videos in presentations and his review of the research on PowerPoint® over the past decade which was published in several professional journals, including International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning and Journal of Faculty Development, serve as the foundation and legitimacy for the features he uses, especially, movement, music, and videos, in creating every client’s presentation. The research evidence on the most effective techniques undergirds his coaching as well. No other business uses research to guide “EVIDENCE-BASED BEST PRACTICES” in PowerPoint®.


  • Professional speaker for 35 years with nearly 400 keynotes and workshops in 42 states and 15 countries

  • B.A., American University; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of MD, College Park

  • Published 13 books, 160+ articles in more than 80 professional journals, and 275+ blogs

  • Professor of Biostatistics and Measurement, The Johns Hopkins University, for 30 years

  • Assistant Dean for Teaching, The Johns Hopkins University, for 5 years

  • Taught 190 biostatistics, measurement, and research courses to 6000 students at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels

  • Johns Hopkins University Awards for Teaching Excellence in 1993 and 1997

  • Co-investigator and statistician for more than 30 research grants in medicine, nursing, public health, and education

  • Chair or member of nearly 100 doctoral dissertation committees in education, psychology, nursing, public health, and religion

  • Served on 4 editorial boards and reviewer for 20 professional journals

  • President and Board of Directors for National Council on Measurement in Education for 6 years

  • Fellow, Oxford Society of Scholars

  • Visiting Professor at the University of Umea, Sweden, and consultant to Swedish National Board of Education, Stockholm, for 6 months

  • Taught elementary (Washington, DC Schools) and jr. high school (Montgomery County, MD Schools) for 5 years

  • Assessment specialist (Montgomery County, MD Schools) for 3 years

  • Distinguished Reviewer Award, Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

  • Lilly Conference Contributing Teacher-Scholar (Silver Distinction)

  • Featured in media articles in The Chronicle of Higher EducationMonitor in PsychologyReader’s Digest, and Johns Hopkins Magazine